Eden Prairie Pet Boarding

At Flying Cloud Animal Hospital we will do our very best to make your pet's stay with us a happy and comfortable experience. We will take care of your pet and their needs as if they were our own. Flying Cloud Animal Hospital staffers are highly experienced and trained to care for your pet and to report any problems to the attending doctors. This is a plus of our hospital, Flying Cloud Animal Hospital, compared to an everyday kennel.

We request all pets presented for boarding to be healthy and free of internal and external parasites, for the benefit of itself and other pets that are being boarded at our facility. We also expect the animal to be of good disposition and can be handled in a reasonable and safe manner by our staff.

We take extreme care to prevent any spread of diseases by housing all pets individually, and constant cleaning and disinfection. It is still possible for any animal to be exposed to minor illness, i.e. respiratory diseases that are not vaccinated against. We ask that if your animal is suffering from any possible infectious illness, to consider alternatives to boarding at this time.

If your pet becomes ill, we will call the emergency contact(s) listed regarding your pet’s symptoms, treatment options, and estimate of additional costs. If no one can be reached, we will perform whatever services the doctors deem necessary for the best care of your pet.

Understand no staff will be attending to your pet overnight (pets needing special care may be referred to a 24 hour hospital).

Eden Prairie Animal Hospital boarding
Treatment for your boarded pets at Eden Prairie Animal Hospital


We want to make sure that your pet receives their proper food and medications while boarding with us. Please bring all medications and special foods they are currently taking. Please print and fill out this form and bring it with you when you bring your pet for a boarding visit: Boarding Medications.

Please call or contact us today to learn more about our boarding services, specials, and complimentary add-ons.

Boarding Services

  • Full Service Boarding
  • Pets Vaccines Must Be Current
  • Pets Get Personal Attention From Our Caring Staff
Boarding services at Eden Prairie Animal Hospital