Our Team

We’ve been fortunate over the years of having many talented people working for us. Some have gone on to become: Pharmacist, several veterinarians, radiology technician, firefighters/paramedics, managers, and even one lawyer. We take pride in what our employees have accomplished and are grateful for their working with us.

All of our employees frequently participate in continuing education to enhance their abilities to care for your four legged companion. Some of these classes are regarding: anesthesia, surgical procedures and protocols, radiology, dental procedures and protocols, laboratory efficiency and meaning, and customer service. We understand how important our companions are to us and how important they are to you.

office manager at Eden Prairie animal hospital

Hospital Manager

Sandi is our Hospital Manager and head of our hydrotherapy department. As our Hospital Manager, her goal is to make everyone's life a bit easier, client and staff. As head of the hydrotherapy department, her goal is help dogs regain thier ability to walk with ease. In her free time, Sandi enjoys spending time with her pets, three dogs (two Cockers and a Terrier mix) and a Parrot, a Green-Cheeked Amazon.

Customer Service Specialists